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<tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">Location</th><td class="label" style="">Waddon</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">Local authority</th><td class="" style="">London Borough of Croydon</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">Managed by</th><td class="" style="">Southern</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">Station code</th><td class="nickname" style="">WDO</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">Number of platforms</th><td class="" style="">2</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">Fare zone</th><td class="" style="">5</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center; ">
</th></tr><tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center; ">National Rail annual entry and exit</th></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">2004–05</th><td class="" style="">0.350 million[1]</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">2005–06</th><td class="" style="">0.311 million[1]</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">2006–07</th><td class="" style="">0.611 million[1]</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">2007–08</th><td class="" style="">0.600 million[1]</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">2008–09</th><td class="" style="">0.554 million[1]</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">2009–10</th><td class="" style="">0.538 million[1]</td></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">2010–11</th><td class="" style="">0.561 million[1]</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center; ">
</th></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">February 1863</th><td class="" style="">Opened</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center; ">
</th></tr><tr><th style="white-space: nowrap">Lists of stations</th><td class="hlist" style="">*DLR </table>
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Waddon railway station is in the London Borough of Croydon in south London. The station and all trains serving it are operated by Southern. It is in Travelcard Zone 5.

The station is now staffed from early morning (5:45 weekdays / 6:10 Sat / 7:00 Sun) until late night (00:15 Weekdays / 01:00 Fri & Sat / 00:20 Sun). The station is still accessible when the ticket hall is closed via a side gate in the car park on Epsom Road.(A232).

Service Edit

The typical off-peak service in trains per hour at the station is:

This station also used to have a frequent train service to London Bridge and the City, however, this service was withdrawn with the exception of a couple of through trains at rush hour.

Some peak time trains come from and go to London Bridge direct and go to either Dorking or Guildford

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File:Waddon station building.JPG </span>
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