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Swiss Cottage
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File:Swiss Cottage stn east entrance.JPG
LocationSwiss Cottage
Local authorityCamden
Managed byLondon Underground
Number of platforms2
Fare zone2

London Underground annual entry and exit
20055.83 million[1]
20066.935 million[2]
20077.244 million[3]
20087.06 million[4]


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Swiss Cottage tube station is a London Underground station at Swiss Cottage. It is on the Jubilee Line, between Finchley Road and St. John's Wood. It is in Travelcard Zone 2 and on the Finchley Road.


The station was opened on 20 November 1939 on a new section of deep-level tunnel constructed between Baker Street and Finchley Road when the Metropolitan Line's services on its Stanmore branch were transferred to the Bakerloo Line. It is named for a nearby pub, built in 1803-4, originally called The Swiss Tavern, and later renamed Swiss Cottage.

The new station initially operated as part of a combined station with the Metropolitan Line's adjacent sub-surface Swiss Cottage station (platforms 1 and 2 were Metropolitan Line and 3 and 4 were Bakerloo Line) but the Metropolitan Line station was closed on 17 August 1940

The station was subsequently transferred along with the rest of the Stanmore branch to the Jubilee Line when it opened on May 1, 1979. It is geographically close to South Hampstead station, but is not treated as a validTemplate:Clarify connection.


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