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The 1962 Tube Stock was a type of London Underground tube train built for use on the Central line. They were used on the Central line between 1962 and 1995.


The 1962 Stock was built by Birmingham RC&W for use on the Central Line. Each unit consisted of four vehicles; two outer driving motors (DM), an intermediate trailer (T), and an intermediate non-driving motor (M), formed DM + T + M + DM. A train usually consisted of two units working in multiple.

The 1962 Stock was ordered as a matter of urgency to replace the Standard Stock previously used on the Central line. Two fires on Standard Stock units (in 1958 and 1960) resulted in the hospitalisation of dozens of passengers. This experience, plus rapidly increasing numbers of breakdowns, hastened the need to replace these trains (which dated back to the 1920s).

The 1962 Stock units were virtually identical to the earlier 1959 Stock units, which were built for the Piccadilly Line. The original plan for the Central Line was to build new stock based on the prototype 1960 Stock. However, in the end, lack of time and funds prevented this, so the 1962 Stock was ordered as cheaper alternative, by using a proven design.

The first complete 1962 Stock train entered passenger service on 12 April 1962, with all trains in service by 1964.


By the early 1990s, the 1962 Stock was due for replacement. This came in the form of the new 1992 Stock, which was developed from the prototype 1986 Stock. The last unit on the Central Line was withdrawn on 17 February 1995, although some were transferred to the Northern Line to allow the withdrawal of the non-standard 1956 Stock units. However, their use on the Northern Line was short-lived, as they were soon replaced by the 1995 Stock, and the final unit was withdrawn on 11 November 1999.

Several units remain in use as departmental vehicles. In addition, two units (eight-car unit 1416+1491, and unit 1744) were sold to the Epping Ongar Railway, but were scrapped after being destroyed by vandals while stabled at Ongar.[1]


One complete unit was preserved by Cravens Heritage Trains in 1995 and is being restored at Hainault depot.

  • DM: 1506
  • T: 2506
  • M: 9507
  • DM: 1507


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