<tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background-color: #efefef">Info</th></tr><tr><th style="">Owner</th><td class="" style="">Transport for London</td></tr><tr><th style="">Locale</th><td class="" style="">London, UK</td></tr><tr><th style="">Transit type</th><td class="" style="">Regional rail</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background-color: #efefef">Operation</th></tr><tr><th style="">Began operation</th><td class="" style="">1999</td></tr><tr><th style="">Operator(s)</th><td class="" style="">Various train operating companies</td></tr><tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background-color: #efefef">Technical</th></tr><tr><th style="">Track gauge</th><td class="" style="">standard gauge</td></tr> </table> London Rail is a directorate of Transport for London (TfL), involved in the relationship with the National Rail network within London, UK. The division is responsible for the London Overground network, a rail service directly managed by TfL, and London Trams and Docklands Light Railway also report into it. It also influences rail freight and freight depots in London.[1]

National Rail in LondonEdit

The National Rail network within London carries large numbers of commuters into London and also provides many local services, especially within South London.

Under the Greater London Authority Act 1999 Transport for London was given powers to consult with the train operators and as such London Rail is therefore more of an enabler than an operator, and has developed partnerships with the Department for Transport (who are responsible for rail strategy), Network Rail (who own the infrastructure) and the various train operating companies (who manage the services) in order to further its aims.

A pilot project was launched in 2003 to promote the various services provided by train operating companies in South London under one umbrella brand, Overground Network. The scheme included station upgrades, signage and publicity, but promotion of the brand had ceased by 2007.

In November 2007, London Rail took direct control of the former Metro rail services of the Silverlink franchise under the London Overground brand. The lines, mostly in North London, are managed by TfL, with operation sub-contracted out to LOROL.

In August 2007, London Rail published its 'Rail Freight Strategy' report.[2]

Future proposalsEdit

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone had expressed the desire to gain control of all rail services in London in the future and make them part of the London Overground.[3]

It is also intended that Crossrail will be operated as a concession from London Rail.[4]

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