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This is a list of bus routes in Shepway, Kent, United Kingdom, as well as coach services that enter the district. Main bus operators include Stagecoach in East Kent and National Express.

List of routes:[1] All routes operate in both directions unless detailed.

Route Start End Operator
10/10A Folkestone bus station Ashford connects to route 10X to Maidstone Stagecoach
11/11A/11B Lydd Ashford Stagecoach
16/16A The Link Direct Hythe Canterbury Stagecoach
17 The Link Scenic Folkestone bus station Canterbury Stagecoach
18 Hythe Canterbury Stagecoach
71 The Heart Cheriton Creteway Down Stagecoach
72 The Heart Cheriton East Cliff Stagecoach
73 The Heart Cheriton Hawkinge Stagecoach
77 Folkestone bus station Shornecliffe Stagecoach
78 Folkestone bus station Golden Valley Stagecoach
91 Folkestone bus station Dover Stagecoach
100 The Wave Lydd connects to route 101 Hastings, Conquest Hospital Stagecoach
101 The Wave Lydd connect to route 100 Dover Stagecoach
102 The Wave Lydd-on-Sea Dover Stagecoach
111 Folkestone bus station Ashford Stagecoach
127 Hollywell Avenue Broadmead Village Stagecoach
137 Folkestone, Coolinge Lane Holywell Avenue Stagecoach
138 Folkestone, Coolinge Lane Hawkinge Stagecoach
160 Folkestone bus station Hythe Stagecoach
971 Harvey Grammar School Blackbull Stagecoach
977 Folkestone bus station The Folkestone Academy Stagecoach
990 Greatstone Dover Stagecoach
992 Cheriton Dover Stagecoach
994 Folkestone Schools Stanford Stagecoach
A Brockhill Park Performing Arts College Densole Crosskeys Coaches
D Brockhill Park Performing Arts College Hill Road Crosskeys Coaches
021 Dover London Victoria Stagecoach on behalf of National Express.


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