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Lambeth North
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Local authorityLambeth
Managed byLondon Underground
Number of platforms2
Fare zone1

London Underground annual entry and exit
200611px 2.849 million[1]
200711px 2.94 million[2]
200811px 3.2 million[3]
200911px 3.31 million[4]


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Lambeth North tube station is a London Underground station in the neighbourhood of Lambeth, at the junction of Westminster Bridge Road and Baylis Road. It is on the Bakerloo line, between Elephant & Castle and Waterloo, and is in Travelcard Zone 1. It is located at 110 Westminster Bridge Road, and is the nearest tube station to the Imperial War Museum.


Designed by Leslie Green, the station was opened by Baker Street & Waterloo Railway on 10 March 1906, with the name Kennington Road. It served as the temporary southern terminus of the line until 5 August 1906, when Elephant & Castle station was opened. The station's name was changed to Westminster Bridge Road in July 1906 and it was again renamed, to Lambeth North, in April 1917.

At 03:56 on 16 January 1941, a German "Satan" 1800 kg general-purpose bomb hit a hostel at nearby 92 Westminster Bridge Road. The shock-wave severely damaged the southbound platform tunnel injuring 28 people sheltering there, one of whom died in hospital 15 days later. Thirty-seven rings of the damaged tunnel had to be completely replaced, 15 partially replaced, and 86 feet of platform rebuilt. Traffic through the station resumed in 95 days.

The station was closed with the section of the line south of Piccadilly Circus for tunnel strengthening works between 9 November 1996 and 14 July 1997.


There are two tracks in separate tunnels The station has two lifts and a spiral staircase connecting the road level to platform level (about 70 feet below).



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