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Galleon Travel is a bus & coach operator based in Roydon, Essex. They mainly operate a mixture of different single deck vehicles with a batch of 10 double deck Scania OmniCities from London United RATP Group. Their newest livery is Central Connect replacing the TrustyBus brand for good. Galleon Travel offer bus and coach as well, it is likely that they still run Gangster Tours service in London if X336NNO is operational.

TrustLine Buses/Original TrustyBus[]

Trustybus were an operating name of Galleon Travel, who had previously used the fleet name TrustLine Buses. After about six years operation as an independent, during which time they made steady gains, they sold out to Centrebus in Summer 2009. Their local stage carriage network combined commercial tendered services for both Essex and Herts, focused more on the latter. They reached Harlow, where they were based, on major commercial competitive Lea Valley service C3, as well as operating on the Saturday only 5 and 354. This period of operation ended on 4th November 2012 when most of the bus operations were sold out to Roadrunner. A number of routes roughly within the Hertford to Stevenage corridor were retained and transferred to operate from the existing depot at Stevenage location, the 5 and 354 being included.

Besides Stevenage, Centrebus are active relatively nearby at Dunstable, as well as further afield, including Leicester. There is some fluidity of vehicle movements between these locations, as well as with operations in the Midlands.

Former Fleet[]

Before Centrebus stopped operating services in Harlow, this was the fleet before their closure, some of the fleet also moved within other parts of Centrebus' current operations as well:

Galleon Travel 2009 LTD[]

The Galleon private hire operation is a remnant of the original Trustline operation which wasn't sold to Centrebus.

The bus fleet originally trading as Trustybus, emerged from the Logic Bus operations that were started on 26th March 2012. That start was when route L3 was introduced to run between Harlow and Hammond Street, competing over much of its length with Centrebus C3, which was later taken over by Roadrunner.  Harlow local service 1 to Sumners & Katherines was later initiated, again competing with RoadRunner. This situation was resolved in June 2013 when a revised C3/C3A service was left to replace most of the former L3 and Roadrunner C3 route whilst the Sumners and Katherines route was left to Roadrunner. The 410 route is the direct successor to the competitive period, the route was rebranded to 410 was to fall in line with Arriva’s long running 310 which runs over much of the same area.

In the years to late 2015, Trustybus became renowned locally for its inconsistent service and poor quality vehicle fleet, but it continued to grow from strength to strength. Trustybus have always have a reputation for operating with – colourful – vehicle choices. The majority of vehicles arrived second hand and are nearly always former London vehicles – they are often even still red with dual doors! For the public, it is possible to tell whether a new vehicle is expected to last or is just a gap filler – how quickly it receives Trustybus livery. Having said that, there are a number of vehicles that lasted several years which never received their red, yellow and blue stripes!

Following the cessation of operations in the local area by Townlink/Roadrunner, EOS London, and Regal Busways; Galleon Travel is now the largest independent bus operator in West Essex and has a significant presence in East Hertfordshire.

TrustyBus (2013-2019)[]


In 2013, Trustybus gained a number of tendered services, including the Bishop’s Stortford and Hertford service 351, the 541/542/543 Harlow – Epping – Loughton and Debden services, and the 392 between Harlow and Broxbourne – serving Nazeing as it’s main passenger base.

On 3 March 2014

In 2014 saw double-decker vehicles appear on local bus services (like 392/393 and 410) for the first with the acquisition of Plaxton Presidents that originate from Metroline Travel in which some were in house colours or in original Metroline livery and all-over London red. Another President did appear in service but was marketed under Galleon Travel, the bus was later withdrawn after a bridge accident.

Expansion in 2015 saw the takeover of many Cheshunt area locals, the introduction of a Sunday service on the 410 together with a 311 replacement as 411. Then from 16th November, Trustybus delivered a blow to incumbent Townlink with an 8-vehicle Harlow - Epping - Ongar service, the 419/420 at launched a high-frequency, low-priced operation in the Harlow – Epping – Ongar – Brentwood corridor, this also saw ex-Metrobus Omnicities that were bought in October 2015 and came in with all in the house colours of red, blue and yellow. The Cheshunt services have been given up but the Epping and Ongar services, expanded to incorporate the 541, were won after a hard fought battle. An Optare Solo also appeared as V679FEL but since had left.


While Galleon and Townlink/Roadrunner were tussling for the crown, Townlink/Roadrunner ceased operations in 2016 following a court ruling and Trustybus triumphed. Five more OmniCitys and Alexander ALX400s from Tower Transit that originated from Stagecoach London followed during the winter and spring of 2016, for use on the 351 and other services in which bought the entire batch of Scanias up to 13. The long OmniCitys were not suitable for all the routes, so Trustybus also acquired ELS OmniTowns from Go-Ahead London, during the winter of 2015-16. These were used on routes like the 242 and 7 as well as the longer routes (410/a, 392, 351 etc.).

A new commercial route by Trustybus was introduced as the 424 running between Harlow and Hertford via Stanstead Abbotts and Ware operating Monday to Saturday with an hourly interval, this route was introduced as a replacement of Townlink's 524 service which ran the same routing but half-hourly with one bus per hour serving Stanstead Abbotts.

From 10th April 2016 saw more changes to services:

Routes 410/410A/410 (Harlow to Waltham Cross, Holdbrook Estate)[]

A new timetable will be introduced with service levels similar to now, essentially 2 buses every hour on Mondays to Fridays, and hourly on Saturdays and Sundays. Certain journeys on Mondays to Fridays will continue as route 410A and additionally serve Hunsdon. Journeys which were previously numbered 410X and omitted Brookfield Centre will now operate as either 410 or 410A. The 410X number will no longer be used.

Route 418/418A/418B[]

Route 541 was renumbered to 418, presumably to align with 419 and 420

Route 418 will operate from Loughton to Epping via existing route 541 and then continue to Harlow via Thornwood, Potter Street, Church Langley Estate, New Hall and Old Harlow. Monday to Saturday, hourly.

NEW Route 418A will provide additional journeys on route 418 between Epping and Harlow, except that buses will not deviate via St Margaret's Hospital in Epping.

NEW Route 418B will be the existing evening and Sunday 541, Loughton to Epping and Harlow via Potter Street and Brays Grove (Tillwicks Road).

Routes 419/420/421 (Harlow to Epping or Ongar)[]

Route 419 was revised to be the Harlow to Epping via North Weald service rather than following 420.

Route 420 continued during Monday to Friday off-peaks and on Saturdays only. (Harlow to Ongar via Epping and North Weald).

NEW Route 421 will operate during Monday to Friday peak hours between Epping and Ongar via North Weald. The service between Epping and Harlow via Thornwood during peak hours will be on routes 418 and 418A.

The Monday to Saturday peak-hour ECC-supported journeys on route 5 between Pinnacles and Harlow Bus Station transferred from Arriva to Trustybus.

On 13 June 2016, 424 was diverted away from Stanstead Abbotts to run a direct service via the A414

On 23 December 2016, the 410A Hunsdon journeys were reduced to rush hours only. Sunday service withdrawn.


From 3 January 2017 onwards, the Monday to Friday commercial service of the 505 withdrawn, currently the Saturday ECC supported service continues.

Since then, we have been treated to improved vehicles, almost a standardised fleet across groups of routes. Trustybus have continued to improve their service performance, their vehicles, their pricing and have gained more and more tendered services.

The 424 was increased to half-hourly with an hourly Sunday service introduced in competition with route 724's additional hourly journeys introduced between Harlow and Hertford.

On 28 April 2017 marked the last day of operation of the 410A it was replaced with equivalent standard route 410 journeys from the following Monday.

In July 2017 saw the addition of Wright Solar bodied Scania L94UBs to their fleet.

In August 2017 were aquisitions of some routes and the first loss Galleon had:

Route 5 (Harlow to Sumners Farm or Little Parndon/Pinnacles) - Mondays to Saturdays[]

The peak hour journeys have been renumbered as route 14 (running every 20-30 minutes Mondays to Saturdays), the off-peak service/towards Sumners Farm passed to TrustyBus.

Route 7/7A (Bishop's Stortford to Stansted Airport) - Mondays to Saturdays[]

Acme stopped running local services and they are focused to run on a school/rail replacement basis.

Route 306 (Wicken Bonhunt to Bishop's Stortford) - Schooldays Only[]

Acme stopped running local services and they are focused to run on a school/rail replacement basis.

Route 418B (Harlow to Loughton Station)[]

Sunday service passed to Arriva, the evening service and 418 service remain the same under TrustyBus.

On 27 December 2017, route 419 was withdrawn. Route 420 continues as the main service between Harlow, Thornwood, Epping, North Weald and Ongar). Additional journeys introduced as route 420A as a supplement between Epping and North Weald, still via Thornwood, actually terminating at Tylers Green (The Talbot).

2018 saw some fighting between TrustyBus and Arriva again – Arriva entered the Epping corridor by extending their commercial route 9 service while Trustybus delved back into Church Langley and Arriva expanded across the border into Hertford. January 2018, two more Scania OmniCities entered the fleet they have a CN230UB and the first of the type since the large fleet of former Metrobus vehicles were CN94UBs and entered service just over 2 years ago by the time. They are former Stagecoach Midlands vehicles and unlike their predecessors, they are single door, at the same time on 2 January, a morning peak journey on route 5 was reintroduced with the introduction of Monday to Friday services, 40 and 40A services, every 20 minutes.

On 2 January 2018 Route 418 was withdrawn between Harlow and Epping, St Margaret's Hospital which brings the route back to where the 541 was at last, the first journey still started from Harlow and at some point, the 418A was withdrawn and the 418 was probably diverted away from Old Harlow and Church Langley.

In February 2018, EOS have acquired 4 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 / MCV Evolution vehicles. All were purchased new by Docklands Buses for the take-up of TfL service 167 and subsequently transferred to the Goahead group upon the purchase of that company. Registration numbers are LX07BYK (formerly Docklands Buses fleet number ED19), LX07BYL (ED20), LX07BYN (ED22) & LX07BYT (ED27) and all are operating in TfL red with the conventional blind apertures still in place. Visually very similar and from the same source, although more often used on the W19 or 193, Trustybus have acquired the earlier and also shorter B23D version in Alexander Dennis Dart SLF / MCV Evolution AE56OUP (ED16) & AE56OUS (ED17), again they were in TfL red but with a front LED display fitted.

On 29 March 2018, the 420 was introduced on Sundays on a commercial basis with an hourly service between Harlow and Ongar and another hourly service from Harlow to Epping bringing a half-hourly service in between Harlow and Epping. At the same time, a 2-hourly service from Harlow to Ongar numbered 501 operated by NIBS and the Harlow to Church Langley 40/40A services were withdrawn at the same time. Two Optare Solos were introduced and painted into house colours (were withdrawn at a point in 2020 then reinstated again, still running) from Stagecoach, presumably for tender results of two routes as the 383 and 384 services from Hertford to Stevenage.

On 3 April 2018, the 383/384 passed to Galleon Travel, these routes were originally with Centrebus.

On 2 July 2018, one late journey on both the Monday to Friday and Saturday timetables for the 410 route were withdrawn.

In May 2018, Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Trident X336NNO was acquired, this particular vehicle is in a partial open-top condition and last saw service with Golden Tours, by the time of acquisition, the remaining ex-Stagecoach/Tower Transit types were already gone.

June 2018 saw a combination of the Scania N94UB being an East Lancs Esteem, overtime three more were acquired making this small batch a group of four.

22 October 2018 saw more changes to some routes:

Route 410[]

Alternate journeys on Mondays to Fridays withdrawn between Waltham Cross and Brookfield Centre.

Route 418/420[]

General minor revision to timetable on 418/418B/420/420A. The additional Sunday 420 journeys between Harlow and Epping were withdrawn.

Route 424[]

Seeing as customer numbers reduced with the competitive Greenline 724 and hourly extension of route 10 departing before, the service was majorly reduced with the every 30-60 minute service was reduced to 9 return journeys and no longer ran on Saturdays and Sundays.

In December 2018, the entire batch of ELS Myllenium bodied Scania OmniTowns went for scrap in which brought the end of their lives with Galleon for three years.

Adding to the fleet of Scania CN94UB Omniciti vehicles in January 2019, were YN04GMV and YN04GMX. Unlike the former London examples, these are in single door configuration. Most striking though are the liveries. The former carries a heritage livery for West Yorkshire from NBC poppy red days, whilst the latter is in white and green Harrogate Bus Company colours. YN04GMV entered service with cherished registration 5480WY, although that was changed in the first week, from sources, the 5480WY plate is used on the owner of Connexions' car.

Route 418's first journey from Harlow to Loughton was withdrawn between Harlow and Epping from 21 January 2019 making passengers having to change for the 420/A to Harlow.

February 2019 saw Dennis Dart SLF/East Lancs Myllenium PE55WPP join the fleet, it's an odd mix and it was the only bus of that type, it ran until the end of 2019 and originated from a Bluestar Free Service Shuttle then went on to work Red Funnel Ferry shuttle duties (now operated by double-decker buses).

Sadly after 20 April 2019, the 424 was withdrawn after.

Further acquisitions of vehicles were no longer painted into TrustyBus colours, they either kept their original traits with operator names removed or painted into Central Connect colours which marked the end of TrustyBus for the second time.

Central Connect (2019-)[]

This is Galleon's new bus brand that replaced TrustyBus, the page link Central Connect leads to the operator based in Birmingham was purchased by Rotala.

New beginning (2019)[]

The Central Connect brand started when the 420/420A services needed smarter vehicles as the former Metrobus ones were introduced in late 2003 for TFL Service 358 and were 16 years old by the time so the OmniCity tribe continued with the "unexpected" arrival being former London United SP146 (YP59OEE), a Scania OmniCity N230UD, it was all-red and still had previous operator blinds, the bus is currently with Vision Bus Bolton.

On 13 May 2019, the 7/7A was split into many variations with new routes 7B, 7C, 7D and a morning journey 7E. Route 7 was running approx. 3 journeys and 7A was a shuttle bus circulating Bentfield Green back to St Mary's Drive in Stansted Mountfitchet to connect with other buses to Bishop's Stortford/Stansted Airport.

Galleon Travel added another former London United Scania OmniCity N230UD to the fleet, appearing on 17 June. YP59OET was still in LT red, including the TFL Buses roundel, but carries a programmed and working orange LED display. This was then surpassed on the 19th with the appearance of sister YP59OES which appeared with and new modified livery and full branding for Central Connect, the new name for the 420/420A service. A small amount of route branding in included above the upper-deck windows. Notably, the TrustyBus logo is not shown at all, so far at least. Friday 28 June saw the entry into service of YP59OEV in the same Central Connect colours.

The fleet of Scania N94UB Omnicities is gradually being withdrawn as the new double-decks enter service. Many other of the old and withdrawn vehicles are also being cleared out. The former London United Scania OmniCities continue to enter service on the 420/420A. A standard arrival was Optare Solo M950 YJ07EGE (now SGZ2218). This, however, is in the same livery as the Central Connect Scania's, that is to say, without any yellow, so it seems that a general new livery will be sweeping through all the fleet in time. The vehicle along with also has no fleet name. The next month after in August, AE06TWN (RGZ7810) is seen in Central Connect colours.

In November 2019 saw former London United Optare Tempo YJ11EHS, the vehicle is in London red still and also worked the 420/420A.

A further 2 Optare Tempos have entered service in December. YJ11EHG and YJ11EHH are from the same batch as the example shown last month and also in all-over red.


In early 2020, Trustybus introduced contactless payment onto their vehicles. There was also promise a tracking app but reference of this was removed from their website to make way for Covid-19 updates. Two further Optare Tempos joining the fleet were YJ11EHO and YJ11EHW. These examples, unlike earlier 3 acquisitions, they were painted in the Central Connect livery.

From 30 March 2020, the timetables for 418 and 418B were changed, the 418 ran at revised journey times throughout the day. The 418B's evening journeys were majorly changed, the 418B currently runs with 1 bus in the Monday to Saturday evenings making two journeys to Harlow and a journey back to Loughton. The Sunday service passed back to Galleon Travel, the 420 on Sundays was reduced to hourly, which makes both the 418B and 420 an hourly service between Harlow and Epping.

Hertfordshire Contract changes also saw the Sunday 66A, 386 and Hertford Town locals H1/3/4 passing to Galleon Travel, they were directly named Central Connect while other local services (like 351, 410, 505) were presumed to still be called TrustyBus or Galleon Travel. The 66A was from the original EOS London operations that transferred to Swallow Coaches along with routes 13, 61 and 133 with existing vehicles, to connect, SF05NXD/E, were revived. A new joiner adding to the fleet and the first M920 (the others are M850 or M950) is YJ07VPX. This former Arriva vehicle still carried a dedicated livery for Hemel Hempstead local Maylands Link service ML1 which since passed to Red Eagle and the bus now in Central Connect livery. Ever since, the 386 has been allocated to Optare Tempos, the Hertford locals and the 66A have been using Optare Solos.

April 2020 noted the changes to services in Harlow:

ECC services 5, 14, 418B (evenings and Sundays) 505 (Saturdays) - Normal service.

410 - Approximately every 2 hours Monday to Saturday (reintroduced from 14 April).

420 - Hourly with a few peak extras.

September 2020 saw more changes:

Former Yellow Buses Optare Tempo X1200 YJ10MDE and YJ10MDU, both in yellow and with the route branding for Bournemouth routes 6 and 5 respectively. These really were very well appointed with leather seats and wood-effect flooring.

Another Solo has also arrived. YJ09MHO is an M880 and operating all in red. It originated from Epsom Buses/Quality Line.  




Optare Solo M950



AE06TWN Optare Solo M850 RGZ7810
SF05NXD Optare Solo M850 RRZ5463
SF05NXE Optare Solo M850 RRZ5654
YJ05XOR Optare Solo M920 RGZ7808
YN56NNE Scania CN230UB Omnicity SGZ1087
YN56NNG Scania CN230UB Omnicity SGZ1089

All services were revised with journey times or using an existing timetable converted into the Central Connect (in which in question would be 7/7A, 306 and 505), route 5's last journey was at 17:09 rather than 17:51 along with it's peak counterpart, the 14 converted to a circular route running direct to Harlow from Pinnacles.

In October 2020, further to last months reported acquisition of 2 Wrightbus Streetlites by Galleon Travel, both have now appeared in Central Connect livery with branding for route 386 (Bishops Stortford to Stevenage) and been re-registered. SN64CVR is now CC10BUS whilst SN64CVF is now CC11BUS. Also in new livery, a Mercedes Sprinter with EVM conversion, acquired a couple of months back as GU19KKE has been re-registered CC04GAL.

On Sundays, the Optare Solos and Tempos had become a normal use on the 418B/420 with the Mercedes Sprinter and a Solo usually for the 66A. In November 2020 saw Optare Versa YJ12PLF come into service. It's all red with dual doors from its days in London with Quality Line RATP but has LED displays fitted. Similar vehicles YJ12PKX and YJ12PKY have also been purchased and these have appeared in livery, although without fleet names at this stage. These would seem to be in exchange for former Yellow Buses Optare Tempos YJ10MDE and YJ10MDU.

On 23 December 2020, Central Connect buses were equipped with Real-Time Tracking Devices from the MyTrip app by DiscoverPassenger.

After 30 December 2020 the 542 services were reinstated after the withdrawal of Arriva's 87 with 542 reinstated as alternatives and and if passengers are going to Epping or Harlow then they will have to change to the 418 service then to the 420 services in Epping Green are operated by Ugobus 381.

2021 Brief Changes[]

In January 2021, major changes during the pandemic entered in:

Route 14[]

Unexpectedly, one bus was running despite no announcement of change making the change every 40 minutes on Mondays to Fridays.

Route 351[]

The route runs to a Saturday schedule daily, timetable shows the duplicate school journeys running.

Route 383/384[]

Reduction, 384 runs four return journeys Mondays to Fridays and two journeys on Saturdays

The 383 runs a journey in both directions and one service from Stevenage to Hertford only.

Route 386[]

Service ran two journeys to/from Stevenage and Buntingford with one bus to Bishop's Stortford and back.

Route 410[]

The route runs every 2 hours, last journey to Broxbourne from Harlow is still running.

Route 418[]

Was said to have a temporary timetable but is still the same timetable.

Route 420[]

420 running a full off-peak frequency at an hourly service, runs every 2 hours on Saturdays, normal Sunday service.

420A suspended on Mondays to Fridays, runs three journeys on Saturdays only.

420B running Mondays to Fridays during peaks between Harlow and Epping, hourly making joint half-hourly service.

Route 505 (Saturdays only)[]

No changes shown but the last rounder from Harlow to Chingford hasn't been running during this time.

Route H1/H3/H4[]

H1 ran one morning and one evening journey, buses came from 383/384.

H3 ran six journeys Monday to Friday (last journey from Hertford to Hertford North), the buses were the same one from 383/384.

H4 was suspended for brief amount of time.


The three Optare Versas acquired from Quality Line were confirmed to be withdrawn in January.

In March, ex-Arriva London Alexander Dennis Enviro200s LJ09KPG and LJ09KRE were reported to have been acquired, LJ09KPG appeared on 351 on 11 March 2021. This is linked to the withdrawal of the three Optare Versas (in which one of them didn't seek service) due to emission levels as the E200s bought were introduced in 2009 and were adapted to a Euro VI compliant with the Versas in 2012 with length difference but weren't adapted.

Routes 383/384, 386, H1 and H3/H4 original timetables were reinstated with duplicate journeys on 8 March 2021. 351 remains to a Saturday schedule but duplicate journeys were added while other services remained the same or unchanged.

Route 505 was withdrawn between Chingford and Waltham Abbey on 10 April 2021.

Central Connect gained new tenders for Hertfordshire County Council contracted routes as Centrebus' Stevenage depot closed, these contracts started on both 11 (for 333) and 12 April 2021 (Other services) and made Galleon Travel the main bus operator for Hertford mainly, route 386 was supposed to have an update, H3 and H4:

308/308 - Hertford to Cuffley

333 - Hertford Town Service (Bengeo to Pinehurst Estate)

378/379 - Hertford to Stevenage

M2/M3/M4/M5 - Ware Town Services

'C1' is a numbered that was reinstated for a service from Rosedale Estate to Cuffley during peaks, this number is reused as there was service as 'C1' again towards Cuffley but starting from Canada Fields (Vancouver Road).

Three additional vehicles appeared from 12 April 2021 as Optare Solos CE52UWR and FY52RZC both from ASD Coaches and East Lancs Esteem bodied Dennis Dart PO56JFE from Go Ahead London that was recently used for the HereEast Shuttle loops from the centre towards Stratford City and International Stations, they may not be permanent additions and possibly temporary. Another ex-Arriva London Alexander Dennis Enviro200 was reported as first seen on 22 April 2021 as LJ58AVE on a school extra service 351 then 418 and 418B in the evening.

In May 2021, two Alexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCs were purchased under the registrations of CC/CE21GAL, these vehicles are commonly found on the 386. Galleon Travel plan to purchase an additional two buses in October.

Around late Spring and Summer, a few vehicles were withdrawn, two of which were in TrustyBus livery leaving their own twins of one behind to still remain in public service.

On 21 June 2021, journeys on route H3 to Camp Hill Road were renumbered to H2 and a few other alterations occurred.

On 9 July 2021, a fourth Alexander Dennis Enviro200 was reported as acquired from Arriva but its length is 8.9m rather than 10.2m then the earlier acquisitions, this bus is LJ57USU. This vehicle was new for the 192 as 'EN3' in which passed to London General along with its buses that kept their codes but with a 'T' at the front of the fleet number in which EN3 was coded at TEN3 and with the introduction of new vehicles, the 'ENs' were kept at Edmonton (EC) after the 382 was it's last operation before it passed to Metroline Travel. LJ57USU was first seen back in service on the 1410 379 service from Stevenage to Hertford.

On 26 July 2021, routes 351, 386 received new timetables late from March and April 2021, temporary service 89A was introduced and the 418 passed to Stephensons of Essex.

In August 2021, Optare Solo KX57KGA was acquired, it was first seen on route 5 on 11 August.

A number of services changed from 1 September 2021:

Route 89A withdrawn and normal service 89 resuming.

The 0820 journey on route 308 from Cuffley Station will be retimed to 0755

The school duplicate journeys on 351 were withdrawn

The 1450 journey on the 384 is extended from John Henry Newman School on Friday Schooldays Only

420/A received revised journey times Mondays to Fridays

The journeys at 0757 from Cuffley and 0805 from Rosedale Estate on the C1 are withdrawn due to low patronage and to provide an earlier journey on service 308 for Richard Hale School students.

Routes M2, M3/4 and M5 will pass to Arriva from 27 August 2021.

Currently the fleet consists of mostly the Central Connect livery but some may not have logos or are in predessors livery with logos. Currently, two vehicles are still in TrustyBus livery but that logo now ceased to exist now.

Bus Services (Pre-covid)[]

This is the current list of services Galleon Travel run marketed under Central Connect.

Service List
Service From To Via PVR Frequency Days of Service General Allocation Notes
5 Harlow Sumners Farm Estate Great Parndon 0 Every 30 minutes Mon to Sat Vehicles sourced from Route 14 Off-peak only
7 Bishop's Stortford Stansted Airport Stansted Mountfitchet 2 (+1) Approximately an hourly joint service Mondays to Saturdays Optare Solo Includes one bus off 306 or midday
7A Stansted Mountfitchet and loop around Bentfield Green
14 Harlow Pinnacles Industrial Estate (Mondays to Fridays only)

Little Parndon Estate (Saturdays only)

Harlow Station

Circular Route

2 Every 15-30 minutes Mon to Sat Enviro 200

Optare Solo Optare Tempo

Scania OmniCity

Peak hours only
66A Waltham Cross Loughton and Debden Waltham Abbey & Upshire

Circular Route

2 Hourly Sundays Optare Solo

Sprinter EVM

Mon to Sat buses operated by Arriva's route 66
306 Wicken Bonhunt Bishop's Stortford, St Mary's School Stansted Mountfitchet, Parsonage Estate 1 One return journey Mon to Fri Optare Solo Schooldays Only
308 Hertford Cuffley Station Bayford, Little Berkhamsted 1 4-6 services per day Mon to Sat Bus sourced from C1 Bus joint with 378, 379 and 380
333 Pinehurst Estate Bengeo Hertford Town Centre 1 Hourly Daily Optare Solo
351 Hertford Bus Stn Bishop's Stortford

Parsonage Estate Schooldays Only

Ware, Stanstead Abbotts, Hunsdon, The Hadhams, Bishop's Park Tesco 2 (+2 duplicate buses Hunsdon to Parsonage Estate and Hadham Ford to Hertford) Every two hours during off-peak

Approx. hourly peak hours

Four return journeys Saturdays

Mon to Sat Enviro 200

Optare Tempo

Scania Omnicity (Saturdays Only)

378 Hertford Stevenage Tewin, Datchworth, Woolmer Green 0 2 services per day Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Bus sourced from C1 Bus joint with 308
379 Datchworth, Woolmer Green 2-4 services per day Mon to Sat
380 Cuffley Station Hertingfordbury, Little Berkhamsted 2 services per day Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
383 Stevenage Ware, Tonwell, Watton-At-Stone, Aston 2 (+1 duplicate bus both directions as 384) Two journeys both directions Mon to Sat Optare Solo Runs direct to/from Tonwell to Watton-at-Stone

Buses joint with 384

384 Ware, Tonwell, Dane End, Whempstead, Walkern, Pin Green Every 1-4 hours Buses joint with 383
386 Stevenage Bishop's Stortford

Parsonage Estate


Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Buntingford, Puckeridge, Standon, Bishop's Park Tesco 2 5 services both directions daily

One peak journey starting/finishing at Buntingford via Hormead, Dassels and Braughing both directions

Mon to Sat Enviro 200 MMC

Optare Tempo

410 Harlow Cheshunt, Brookfield Centre A414, Stanstead Abbotts, Hundred Acre Estate, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne 2 Hourly Mon to Sat Scania OmniCity
418B Harlow Loughton Station Brays Grove, Potter Street, Thornwood Common, Epping, Ivy Chimneys, Theydon Bois, Abridge, Debden 0 Three services Mon to Sat Evenings

Every two hours Sundays

Daily Bus sourced from 542


Optare Tempo

Enviro 200

Evening and Sunday service for the 418
420 Harlow Ongar, Two Brewers Brays Grove, Potter Street, Thornwood Common, Epping, North Weald 7 (Mondays to Fridays, unknown for on Saturdays) Every 40 minutes during peak

Hourly off-peak and Saturdays

Every two hours Sundays only

Daily Scania OmniCity
420A North Weald (Tylers Green, The Talbot) Brays Grove, Potter Street, Thornwood Common, Epping Every 40 minutes during peak

Hourly off-peak

Mon to Fri
420B Epping Station Brays Grove, Potter Street, Thornwood Common 0 Hourly Saturdays Runs over 420A's departures from Harlow

Buses work from 420

505 Harlow Waltham Abbey Staple Tye, Bumbles Green, Nazeing Crossroads 1 Six return journeys Saturdays Scania OmniCity
542 Debden Broadway Circular Routes Oakwood Hill, Loughton, Alderton Hall Lane 1 Both are hourly, joint half hourly service Mon to Sat Optare Solo One bus covers both routes
542A Alderton Hall Lane, Loughton, Oakwood Hill
C1 Cuffley Station Rosedale Estate Newgate Street and Hammond Street 1 Every 30 mins Mon to Fri Optare Solo Peaks only
H1 Pinehurst/Foxholes

Hertford North Stn

Hertford North Station

Hertford Bus Stn

Circular Routes 1 5 journeys Mon to Fri Sprinter EVM

Optare Solo

Peaks only
H2 Hertford Bus Stn Camp Hill Road Hourly Mon to Sat
H3 Horns Mill Estate Hertford Bus Station Hourly
H4 Hertford Bus Stn Horns Mill Estate

Hertford North Stn (Peaks only)

Hourly Daily
M2 Ware Rail Station Kingsway/Watton Road Circular Routes 1 Seven journeys Mondays to Saturdays

One afternoon journey only on Sundays

Daily Optare Solo
M3 Babbs Green, Wareside Three services with one schoolday journey to/from The Chauncy School Mon to Sat
M4 Wareside, Babbs Green Mon to Sat
M5 Lower Bourne Gardens Two services, continues as M2, through fares available Mon to Sat

Looking to the future – as the most significant independent operator is West Essex (Harlow & Epping Forest) and with a large holding in East Herts (Hertford & Bishop’s Stortford), TrustyBus / Central Connect could really become a true success story.