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File:Brixton Tube 2006-04-22.jpg
Local authorityLambeth
Managed byLondon Underground
Number of platforms2
AccessibleHandicapped/disabled access [1]
Fare zone2
Template:AbbrBrixton NR [2]

London Underground annual entry and exit
200518.597 million[3]
200720.577 million[4]
200820.93 million[5]

1971Opened (Victoria line)

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Brixton tube station, a station on the London Underground opened on July 23, 1971, is the southern terminus of the Victoria line.

It is located in Brixton Road, and is about 100m from Brixton railway station[6] (on the London Victoria to Orpington line, operated by South Eastern). From the ticket hall, three escalators take passengers to and from the platforms. There are also passenger lifts between street level, the ticket hall and the platforms. The station was briefly closed for asbestos removal in 2006.

The station is laid out as a two-track terminus with a scissors crossover north of the station, and the line continues for a short distance south of the station platforms to form a pair of sidings. These are used for the overnight stabling of a pair of trains which then form the morning's first two northbound services.

There has been speculation regarding the possibility of extending the Victoria line past Brixton and put in a loop which trains would run around with a single-platform station under Herne Hill mainline station, speeding up operations on the line by reducing the number of conflicting train movements at the scissors crossover. As the Victoria line is already very heavily loaded and would not cope well with any extra passengers such considerations may well prevent such a plan going any further.[citation needed]

The current refurbishment of Brixton Tube Station started in 2001.

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In popular culture[]

A replica of Brixton tube station was featured briefly in the TV show Lost in the episode "Fire + Water", which aired in 2006.

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